Navigating the Sacred and Mundane

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Build It and They Will Come...

I don't know what's next but I hear a knock at the door. When I open it, just blank space. Easy enough to close it again, but I allow the emptiness in. I hear a whisper, "It's time." I want to say, "For what?" but I don't. Understanding enough to follow the voice, I want to see what it has to show me.

"Really? What do you want me to do here?" I wonder.

"Hmmm, you want me to start from the beginning?"
"Blank slate," says the voice.

"Try out a little color," it says....

"Now add some life..."

"Let the beauty find its way," it says...

It tells me, "Look around..."

"Have faith..."

"Make room for the magical to enter..."

"It's time to take your seat again, Prema."

I say, "Please remind me, in every direction, how to sit."

"Help me to be simple..."

"And mindful..."

"Let it be spacious..."

"And, please, above all....welcoming."

Done. Silent and full. I lay in the middle of the rug and turn my ear to the whispering one. "If you build it, they will come....."