Navigating the Sacred and Mundane

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Open House

Thanks for all of your kind messages, for staying with me as I went underground for a spell. This is what I've been up to, day and night, day and night. With a few helping hands, another house becomes a home.....for someone else. It went on the market yesterday. I'm so exhausted I haven't had the energy to write. Even now, just too tired. But I have been with you all in the nights, reading your words, sending blessings.

I'll be back soon. Until then, come on in....

Front door - A Quan Yin welcome

Front Entry - A blessing across the threshold

Hallway to kitchen - Beautiful women grace the path

Kitchen - new hardware on cabinets, new black granite island

Family room - cozy

Dining room - view out window to right offers the sunset every night

Living room - the quiet, contemplative space

Study - perfect place for my writing desk.....and books

Basement- can you believe it? Another couch!

Wine Cellar - Yep, what can I say....two buck chuck!

Upstairs, River's room - she has a sweet view of the sunset. Every night we look out the window and say: good night sun, thanks for shining on us today.

Meditation room - Haven't used it.....as if.

Master bedroom - Phew, the bed fit

Master bath - total remodel

*found the ferns, candle holders (reflected in mirror), hurricane on vanity at Fred Meyer at 11pm the night before the agent showing....score! Big wood frame mirror above bath I found at Ross. Double score.

Thanks for coming over. It's my bedtime now. Must sleep before someone signs on the dotted line and I have to put all the boxes back together again to pack. Meanwhile, back to Home Depot to finish planning out the unfinished house we move into as soon as this one sells. Want to come over and see that one, too? Ok.